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ionic lightweight powerful hairdryer

Olayer is the professional lightweight powerful hair dryer manufacturer in China, mainly offer an ionic lightweight powerful hairdryer, brush hair dryer, automatic ceramic curling iron, air hair straightener, etc. if you are looking for lightweight powerful hair dryer, you are welcome to contact us.

here are all kinds of professional lightweight powerful hair dryer brands that you can buy for home use. Thanks to stores like Sally Beauty Supply and the Internet, shoppers can access brands that were once only available to professional hair stylists. A good blow dryer is essential to a finished style. You may have heard that heat styling is bad for your hair. While too much heat can be damaging, the professional grade dryers on the market have features that prevent damage and even improve your hair’s condition.

With a little comparison shopping you will come across many different professional brands like Chi, Sedu, TurboIon and Babyliss. One thing you may notice is the price of these dryers. They range on the high side and some are as much as $300 or more. However if you want a dryer that lasts a long time, is made for professional and personal use, comes with warranty protection and features the latest technology you may find yourself paying a pretty penny. There are comparable dryers from low priced brands like Revlon and Conair if you want something more affordable. These dryers improve the look and feel of your tresses thanks to innovations like tourmaline and ceramic. Tourmaline is a gemstone that is used to make jewelry because of its sparkling and colorful beauty. However it also is used in hair dryers because of its negative ion properties. When tourmaline is crushed and added as part of a dryer’s heating element, the result is negative ions that dry your hair more quickly and lock in moisture for a sleek and smooth appearance. Most dryers used in salons have ionic technology because it is more efficient and gives better results.

One thing you should know when using lightweight professional hair dryer brands or consumer brands is that the right styling products are important. Always use a protective product before blow drying or heat styling. There are clear serums, sprays and creams that impart protection against heat and add moisture. You may also want to apply your favorite mousse or gel for definition and hold. A light mist of hair spray will hold your dried and styled tresses. There are salon name styling products that you can use in conjunction with your heat styling tools. However, drugstore brand stylers used with professional blow dryers are fine to use if they are right for your hair type.


Injection Mold Tooling


Because of advancements in molding machines and injection mould tooling manufacturing machines, there are going to be a trend to make both larger sized and much smaller plastic mold, overmolding, insert mold, 2k mold and so on.

injection molding machine producers are producing larger sized machines to accommodate product designs that were not possible before because of

Overview of the Industry 5

injection molding machine dimension restraints. plastic products such as vehicle fenders and wrap-around bumpers will certainly be molded on machines that are the dimensions of small houses. The much more this is done, the even more it will push manufacturers to construct larger and larger machines. Of course, every injection molding machine must have a plastic mould. So the injection mold will be constructed larger and larger to accommodate product size needs.

Conversely, advances in products and developing systems have led to the production of tiny components that formerly were not candidates for injection mouling. Products such as miniature electric connections and little medical pipes are now being certainly designed. The tolerance requirements and small dimension of these parts require very precise, innovative plastic injection moulding machines; these are being created now in sizes that will fit on the top of an ordinary desk. The molding machine tool suppliers are striving to construct even small machines as the need increases. So, the plastic mold for these molding machines are also smaller sized and smaller. There are injection molds now that can suit the palm of a human hand, and the trend is towards even smaller molds to fit future product demands.

Lead Times

time line is specified as the total volume of time required to get a product, from purchase order to end up item. To put it simply, the time scale for an injection mold extends from the time an order is obtained by the China mold maker to the moment the mold is delivered to the company ordering the injection mold. A normal lead time today varies from twelve to 20 weeks for an ordinary mold. (This does not include time to debug the mold issue or try it out in a manufacturing environment.).

A lead time of 12 to 16 weeks might not seem like much to those who have been in the business a while. In fact, it is a terrific renovation over what prevailed before. In previously days, the lead time might have been 40 weeks or longer. However, in today’s competitive surrounding, lead times are important since they dictate when an item can get to its market. The earlier the item could be launched, the faster it can begin bringing in revenues, and the quicker the company can begin investing those money in new item project.

There are numerous means to decrease lead times, and many are being definitely pursued today. Certain of these promise to bring lead times down to unheard-of numbers:.

Computer-generated data. Computer systems permit China mold makers and product designers to work closely all together even if they are in different capitals, states, or places. As computers come to be faster and more powerful, and as computer programs become more versatile, goods designs can be developed and examined faster, and the same data may be.

6 Plastic Injection Molding.

used to craft the plastic molds. As a matter of fact, these kinds of things may be carried out as parallel efforts so the mold can possibly be started before the product design is even completed.

injection mold materials. The typical technique has been to use state-of-the-art mould steels to create the cavity of the injection molds. Nevertheless, new alloys and update to current aluminium alloy are allowing the injection mold to be built faster and weigh less. One material that will be used frequently is aluminum alloy. Aluminum is now used primarily for prototype mold, but advancements in the material alloys and approval by China Injection mold maker has made it possible to use aluminum alloy in numerous manufacturing injection mold cases. Beryllium copper, brass, soft steels, and even plastics such as epoxies are being made use of a growing number of in an effort to reduce lead times for manufacturing molds and thus get products into the marketplace faster.

The use of these materials and new computer devices and programs can drastically decrease lead times. In many cases, lead times have been minimized from the ordinary 12 to 16 weeks to only 7 days. And the technology will soon be readily available to carry it down to only a few hours.


Advances in plastics fabrics have been profound. In 1995, there were approximately 18,000 different materials offered for molding. These are enhancing at an average rate of 750 annually. The majority of readily available materials are alloys or blends of previously established materials, and a product developer will most likely have the ability to choose from them a resin that gives precisely the right properties for a certain demand. Again, computer systems come into play since the designer can not potentially go through the property values of all those materials in a reasonable amount of time. The computer can possibly do it in a few minutes and will certainly provide the plastics resins that meet no matter what standards the designer demands. Then the part designer can choose from just a few resin rather than 18,000. But even if a precise plastics match does not exist, the part designer will be able to call a compounder to produce a plastics that does precisely match the requirements. Naturally, that adds another plastic material to the list of 18,000, and that’s how the list progressed in the first place.


Recycling will continue to be a major issue later on, as it is today. Customer acceptance of products made of recycled plastics will boost, making it more profitable for firms to create such goods. Technological advances will make it easy to separate discarded plastic products so they may be properly recycled. Advances in machinery and material.

Overview of the Industry 7.

additives will allow mingled plastics (that can not be separated) to become used in products such as parking lot bumpers, picnic tables/benches, and water-sport products such as boating docks. Some of these products are available today, but with future advances, they can be sold at more competitive prices, and their availability and use will grow. Products will be designed with recycling in mind so they may be easily dismantled and identified for material content.

2 Inch Tourmaline Nano Ceramic Clamp Flat Iron

The reason anyone uses a flat iron is to achieve a great hairstyle that gives them confidence and helps them look their best. When that straightener creates dry, frizzy hair as many inexpensive models do, that isn’t achieving the goal. The 2 inch Tourmaline Nano-Ceramic Clamp Flat Iron hair straightener is very affordable and it also includes the technology you need to enhance the work you do on your hair. In any flat iron the composition of the plates is the most essential part. This one uses proven ceramic tourmaline plates that heat quickly and evenly, reduce pulling or snagging, and relax your hair while sealing in essential moistures. The luxurious results include hair styled the way you want, no frizzy or flyaway hair, and locks that just might be healthier and better protected against drying out than when you started.

While most flat irons can’t restore damaged hair this one can. It seals the cuticle and strengthens each strand. The tool heats to 400F so that you can quickly straighten your hair, producing shiny, healthy tresses that are manageable and very easy to style into the look you want. The 20 different heat settings are accurate and give you the right setting for your type of hair. The versatility of this tool lets you craft hairdos that are sleek, sexy, sporty, casual and more, all for less than half the price of other models. Enjoy rich-looking hair without spending a fortune!


  • Tourmaline and Nano-Ceramic technologies produce minimal hair damage and eliminates frizz leaving hair renewed, repaired and revitalized for a softer and smoother finish
  • Heats to 400 degrees
  • 20 heat settings provide precise temperature control for all hair types
  • Fast, 60-second heat up and auto shut-off

How to choose the best powerful hair dryer

When it comes to the best powerful hair dryers there is definitely a huge selection available which of course makes it very tough to trawl through all of the information for every single one to see which is the most suitable powerful hair Dryer for people. The problem of the job is multiplied by the reality that much of the most powerful hair dryers which are definitely available for sale today have very little information readily for those considering buying them. How can certainly such hair dryer companies anticipate you to make a decision on whether or not you intend to buy their hair dryer if they provide you hardly any information?! It defies logic.

best powerful hair dryer

So, this is where my business website is available in to assist you out! The evaluations I provide are well researched and the primary goal all throughout this website is to streamline the procedure of selecting the absolute most appropriate high watt Blow Dryer for you. The blow dryer reviews on this web site generally all have similar layout and format to make it much easier for you to become accustomed to the structure– which need to assist you to gain a far better knowledge of each goods when you check out a review.

Usually the ratings will certainly begin with a quick introduction, which is complied with by a checklist of functions. This list of attributes I break into two parts to make it much easier to check out and understand– this again is made to assist you gain a real understanding of the goods concerning which you are reading. After this I do a full study of the blow dryer worried in the article and lock up the rating with a few further information and purchasing links.

How to Discover the Appropriate Hair Dryer For your hair

There are numerous powerful blow dryers around to choose from and it is essential that you get the best one for you. It is essential to research this correctly because otherwise you could extremely conveniently end up disgruntled with your order. To offer you an idea of what I mean I’ll give you an instance. Lets explain you’re someone who simply desires their hair dried as fast as it feasible, no fuss or fanciness and you’re not concerned with style you just want to dry your hair. Well, in this particular situation it would certainly be a very silly thing to spend a lot of money on a product which may do more than you need.

Likewise, if you were definitely somebody who wanted one which will help you style your hair and be particular not to keep frizz or split ends then it would definitely be ill-advised of you to invest in the most inexpensive hair blow dryer you can discover as it most likely won’t meet your requirements and certainly wouldn’t be the Hair Blow dryer for you.

Ideally you now realise how this blog works along with the issue which it attempts to fix. So, proceed and find the best powerful hair dryer for you by browsing our featured overviews page. You can also use the rate tabs at the very top of this particular page to browse my blow dryer evaluations. Also make certain to view our Informative Reviews Webpage.

Olayer is the most powerful hair dryer wholesale organization in China, at first we manufacture electric parts, export plastic molds, at middle of 2020, Olayer purchased a hair iron tools wholesale producer, who has been hair flat iron & hair iron company around 15 years,

Today, Olayer wholesale flat irons factory concentrates on creating and producing different of hair iron tools items, mostly in negative ion light-weight high speed hair dryer, infrared high power small size of travel hair dryer, 220v hair dryer, Ceramic ion hair flat iron, wet to dry hair straightener brush, professional & automatic cold air hair curler tools, cold air straightening irons etc. We have our own mould and moulding maker to manufacture the new goods development as quick as 2 weeks.

Olayer hair blow dryer wholesale provider offer OEM/ODM contract manufacture service for all of electrical applications, Olayer is willing to signature and NDA document to prevent your project, Custom company logo is available, Olayer is a private label flat iron manufacturer in China that will offer you all in one stop service from concept, prototyping, examining, re-prototyping, mould building, moulding manufacturing, certificate, assembly, examination, packaging and shipment, if you are trying to find a Chinese hair dryer provider and electric application contract supplier in China, you are welcome to contact Olayer

Chinese hair straightener

There are lots of hair straighteners made by Chinese hair straightener companies. Soft and shiny straight hair has a classic look that appeals to a lot of women. One of the ways to get this is to use the Chinese hair straightening technique. Salons may also offer this as thermal reconditioning or simply Yuko, as it is more popularly known in Japan. This technique has been around for over a decade and has seen numerous improvements in that time. Chinese hair straightening requires clients to block off a considerable length of time in their schedules as it may take 3 to 6 hours to finish the entire process. Due to the complicated procedure and the expensive chemicals involved, the treatment can cost anywhere from $300 to $1500. The lower end of that price range may sound good but beware as this may be due to untrained stylists or inferior chemicals.

While it can burn a hole in the pocket, women who have tried this technique almost always keep coming back. The results are quite remarkable as treated hair becomes straight for good, though the new growth near the roots will be of the same consistency as the person’s normal hair. To keep the hair looking consistently straight, the treatment has to be repeated two to three times a year for the new growth. There is not much difference in the cost as both have their own complications.

Chinese hair straightening made by Olayer China hair straightener company is a great option for styling but it’s not for everyone. Those who are thinking about trying it out must weigh several factors in order to determine the right course of action. One consideration is flexibility. Women who are fond of changing their hairstyle frequently may have issues with this treatment as it bars curling as a future option due to probable damage. Consult an experienced stylist who can provide advice on the suitability of the hair for this method. The usual suggestion is to avoid straightening if the hair has undergone coloring, bleaching, and other intensive chemical treatments as the hair may not have had the chance to recover fully from these procedures. Ignoring this warning could cause hair breakage. The scalp may even be irritated to the extent that there is massive hair loss. Therefore, a strand test should be conducted in case of any doubts, just to see how it will react to the chemicals. Find a salon which is willing to provide this as a precautionary measure.

Another factor to consider is hair type. African hair is not a good match for this treatment because it is too delicate for the strong chemicals. The heat that will be applied for a long period also tends to do more harm than good to this kind of hair. African hair is much better off with hair relaxing which is gentler on the locks.

If you are looking for hair straightener manufacturer in China, contact Chinese hair straightener company by olayer.com. Olayer is not only hair straightener company but also the best powerful hair dryer company in China.

Olayer FFP2 and FFP3 Face Masks Company in China

Dongguan Olayer Technology Co.ltd features FFP3 face masks to support health care professionals and other individuals. 

Dongguan Olayer Technology Co.ltd,  is KN95 mask China Company, is presenting its advanced range of FFP3 face masks for workers, doctors, and other people. In the past, personal protective equipment was limited to the health care and medical sector. After COVID-19, PPE is a necessity for everyone all around the world.

Nowadays, COVID-19 has turned into a pandemic. It is spreading quickly all over the world. For protection from the coronavirus, preventive measures are becoming crucial for everyone. Wearing an FFP3 mask is becoming a necessity for everyone, either healthy or sick.

In the initial days, the demand for PPE equipment was greater than its supply. Several companies like Olayer started mass production of USD ky FFP2 face mask and FFP3 masks. These masks are available easily in the market. Undoubtedly, it is essential to wear masks to stop the spread of this disease. Several studies prove that individuals can spread this virus even without visible symptoms of Corona.

People can stop the transmission of this disease by wearing the best face mask. Basically, KN95, N95, FFP2, and FFP3 are suitable options. These are better than standard masks to filter over 95% of particles and dust. In Europe, FFP2 and FFP3 face masks are hot-selling protective masks. FFP2 face masks of Olayer offers protection against solid and liquid aerosols. It is suitable for plastering and sanding.

KN95 mask China

KN95 mask China

These masks offer maximum protection as compared to old face masks. People can buy high-quality masks at an affordable price from Dongguan Olayer Technology Co. Limited. Mr. Hans-uergen Kruse, Steve. Yang and Thomas. Zheng invested in an FFP2 face mask and an FFP3 respirator mask. The company has added five NR FFP2 FFP3 mask production line for KN 95, and N95 NR face masks.

They have their molding machines and plastic injection mold to make different parts of plastic molding. The company has 26 sets of molds for special infrared thermometers. Fortunately, FFP2 ad FFP3 masks 100% meet the EN 149 2001 +A:2009 standard. The company offers this mask at an affordable rate. These masks have a tight seal to offer maximum protection.

For the protection of people worldwide, N95 respirator mask, disposable face masks, and PPE are essential. To stop the spread of this disease, every person has to take responsibility by wearing a mask and other PPE.

About Dongguan Olayer Technology Co.ltd

Dongguan Olayer Technology Co.ltd was initiated in 2004. It is a ffp2 mask company created by Mr. Hans-Juergen Kruse, Thomas Zhao, and Steve Yang. The company supplies and manufactures prototyping, plastic injection molds, mold design, metal stamping, die casting, thermometer, and face mask products. To know more about Dongguan Olayer Technology Co.ltd, visit their website https://www.n95-ffp2.com/.

Contact Us:

Name: Mr. Hans-Juergen Kruse

Organization: Dongguan Olayer Technology Co.ltd

German Address:

Ing.Buero Hans.Jürgen Kruse,

Lehrer-Schroeder-Weg 12,

58093 Hagen, Germany

China Address:

37#, JiangXia Road,

YuanJiang Yuan,Changping Town, Dongguan City,

Guangdong Province, China, 523570

The Benefits of Metal Stamping Tool

Consider where you will employ your metal stamping dies kit as a way to figure out the ideal size. Metal stamping is a process that’s imperative for a selection of sectors, and our group of engineers and manufacturers will work together with your company to ensure that your needs are satisfied. Though most metal stamping tool kits are alike, there are plenty of differences worth noting. A round part requires around stripper ring thus a cylindrical grinder may be used. A stripper plate is just a plate that is used to push part of an injection mold core. After the epoxy curing, the rest of the portion is full of a high alumina cement strength to lessen mold manufacturing price.

Metal stamping dies

Metal stamping dies

Bahrs welcomes your company. Bahrs is a little company but we’re a strong business. Bahrs also enjoys excellent small business relationships with our suppliers, who know the standard and consistency that we expect and are eager to work with Bahrs to fulfill any special needs that may come up in the plan of a project.

Additionally, it enables you to center on the other facets of your organization, not get bogged down with the intricacies of production. Cutting a shape with this kind of precision may be a massive expense and it can be inviting to lower costs by lacking within this region of production. If this is the case, you should think about the size and weight of the metal stamping tool kitto be sure that it can be kept properly.

When secondary services are called for, our shop has the capability to provide a comprehensive collection of services to finish any solution or assembly. When you talk to your provider, these are a number of the variables you should explore. Our customers just need to make a single call to receive all of it. No company is too small to make quality and effective products. A little business that makes specialty or short-run products can use that, too.

While physical suppliers can be helpful, there are instances when used stamping presses are definitely the most cost-effective alternative. Regardless of what you’re thinking of for your goods or your parts when it regards metal stampings, we can assist. When it isn’t, you may be better off with a different item. If a product has existed for some time and still has a high demand, it’s likely a superb item. Otherwise, you may be taking a look at a defective item. When it has to do with determining which Cleveland metal stamping products you’d love to incorporate into your company, Valco will be there for assistance each step of the way.

The demand for a specific metal stamping dies kit is an excellent indication of the way it can carry out the functions for which it was designed. The cost of a metal stamping tool kit ought to be in accord with its value. Before you create a buy, you need to be aware that the organization you’re dealing with is legitimate and that others trust the business enough to earn a buy. You’re able to compare products on the internet to make certain you are obtaining a fair price. Despite the

How to identify the quality level of the recycled plastics materials

1. The glossiness of surface is an important indicator to measure the quality level of particles of all kinds of recycled materials. Recycled materials of good quality have glabrous and smooth surface.

2. Transparency is also an important indicator to measure the quality level of particles of middle and high-grade recycled materials. Materials with the good transparency are usually of good quality.

3. The uniformity and consistency of color is an important indicator to measure the quality level of particles of colored recycled materials. For example: white, creamy white, yellow, blue, black and other colors

4. The density of particles is an important aspect to inspect the level of the regeneration process. 
Poor plasticizing and loose particles

5. To test whether the recycled particles sinking water or not can be used for inspecting the stuffing content of PP and PE.

If you want to know more about plastic material, like PMMA injectioin molding material, abs, PC, please go to our home page to take a look

As for recycled materials, different recycled materials have different applications, as there’re no uniform standards and it is also difficult to institute it. The only standard if have to say is to well meet production requirements of the users.

Injection Moulding Service


For the customer new to injection moulding, we offer complete concept-to-finished-part customer service. Bring us a sample, prototype or mock-up; a drawing, a concept; a completely finished part design or finished mold drawing: Cascade Plastics will provide the expertise you need to develop the molds for your product.

  1. If injection molding is not viable or economical for your project, we will tell you.
  2. We will verify that the mold design is appropriate for the anticipated volume, materials and variables anticipated.
  3. We will assist you in finding the right materials, colorants, fillers or foaming agents.
  4. We will produce the samples for your testing and evaluation.

For the customer experienced in plastics processing, Cascade Plastics will apply its expertise to review your design to identify any potential benefits or cost savings.


Often, existing molds or materials need modification to meet new design or production requirements.

  1. We will sample new, more competitive materials and colorants, including reinforced specialty molding materials.
  2. Our in-house tool room can modify your existing mold at minimum of cost and down time.
  3. As your volume grows, Cascade Plastics has the large capacity machines, plus bulk material storage, to run multi-cavity, high-volume molds. We will work with you to complete a cost/benefit analysis, then design and build the molds to maximize the return on your investment.


We work with existing & prospective customers in several ways:

  1. We put our purchasing power to work for you, finding the best prices for your molding materials, including truck load bulk storage purchases.
  2. We identify and sample alternative materials for your inspection and evaluation.
  3. Our process controls and operating efficiency assure you receive the most competitive plastic processing in the industry.
  4. Our electricity costs are among the lowest in the U.S.
  5. For high volume customers, our bulk storage and vacuum delivery systems are real cost savers.
  6. Our 24/5 operations permit us to offer customers additional scheduling options, just-in-time delivery, speedy reaction and price competitiveness.


Sincere Tech Plastics maintains 25 injection moulding machines and a plastic mold company on line at all times, with oil or water heated thermalators providing process stability. We have color blending equipment for dry and liquid concentrates on site; our dryers can handle any volume or type of material. Having all that support equipment under one roof adds efficiencies and consistency to the injection molding process gives you stable, competitive pricing.

Our equipment features hydraulic, core pull, air blast or air eject part removal and special screws for faster cycling.

Our well maintained computer process controlled machines assure you the highest part-to-part consistency. Our machines have capacities to accommodate a variety of clamp pressures and shot sizes, giving us the opportunity to operate your mold in an optimally sized machine, creating ideal molding conditions for plastic material processing and lowering the cost per part.


We provide a variety of services ranging from part assembly, to post forming operations, to packaging of your finished product. By performing secondary operations at ST Plastics, we minimize your handling, transportation and floor space costs. Whenever possible, functions are handled by the machine operator in-cycle at no extra cost to our customers. We can send you completely assembled, labeled and packaged parts ready for shipment. In other cases, bulk packaged parts may be your lowest cost option.

Other ST Plastics services include injection moulding, ultrasonic welding, inserting, mechanical fastening, hot foil stamping and hinge post forming. Our role at ST Plastics is providing production solutions to all your thermoforming needs.

Procedures for control of injection pressure

The control of the injection pressure is usually divided into an injection pressure, the second injection pressure (holding pressure) or more than three times the injection pressure control. Switching time pressure if it is appropriate to prevent mold pressure is too high, to prevent overflow or lack of material are all very important. Mold making packing stage the specific volume depends on the gate closed when the melt pressure and temperature. If the holding pressure time to switch to products from the cooling phase of the same pressure and temperature, then the specific volume of products will not change. Plastic Molding at a constant temperature to determine product size is the most important parameters of the packing pressure, affecting the product dimensional tolerances of the most important variable is the holding pressure and temperature. For example: after the end of the filling, packing pressure decreased immediately, when the surface to form a certain thickness, packing pressure to rise again, thus forming a low clamping force of large thick-walled products, elimination of collapse pits and flash.

Holding pressure and the speed is usually highest when the plastic cavity filling pressure and speed of 50% to 65%, which is holding pressure lower than the injection pressure of about 0.6 ~ 0.8MPa. As the packing pressure lower than the injection pressure, holding pressure in the considerable time, the pump load is low, solid pump life is extended, while oil pump motor power consumption is also reduced.
Three pressure injection filling both the smooth parts, and weld line does not appear, depression, flash and warpage. For thin-walled parts, small pieces of long, long process of molding large parts or even the cavity mold configuration is not balanced and not too close parts of the molding as a whole. the amount injected into the mold cavity filling process control of plastic
Regulate the use of certain measures in advance so near the end of the injection stroke, the screw end is still a small amount of residual melt (buffer capacity), according to the mold filling was further applied injection pressure (injection pressure two or three times) , add little melt. This can prevent depression or adjustment products product shrinkage. screw back pressure and speed of the process control
High back pressure can be intense shear melt at low speeds, will also get a long plastic tube in the machine plasticizing time. Therefore the current use of more back pressure and speed of parallel programming control. For example: measurement of the whole trip in the screw first high speed, low back pressure, and then switch to a lower speed, high back pressure, and then switch to high back pressure, low speed, and finally in the low back-pressure, low speed for plastics , so that the front screw melt most of the pressure be released, reducing the rotational inertia of the screw, thereby improving the accuracy of measurement of the screw. Often result in excessive back pressure increases the degree of stain color; pre-plastic bodies in increased mechanical wear screw and barrel; pre-plastic periodic extension of decline in production efficiency; nozzle prone to drooling, regeneration feeding amount increased; even with self-locking nozzle, if the back pressure higher than the design of the spring closure pressure may also cause fatigue failure. So, back pressure must be properly adjusted.

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