Chinese hair straightener

Chinese hair straightener

There are lots of hair straighteners made by Chinese hair straightener companies. Soft and shiny straight hair has a classic look that appeals to a lot of women. One of the ways to get this is to use the Chinese hair straightening technique. Salons may also offer this as thermal reconditioning or simply Yuko, as it is more popularly known in Japan. This technique has been around for over a decade and has seen numerous improvements in that time. Chinese hair straightening requires clients to block off a considerable length of time in their schedules as it may take 3 to 6 hours to finish the entire process. Due to the complicated procedure and the expensive chemicals involved, the treatment can cost anywhere from $300 to $1500. The lower end of that price range may sound good but beware as this may be due to untrained stylists or inferior chemicals.

While it can burn a hole in the pocket, women who have tried this technique almost always keep coming back. The results are quite remarkable as treated hair becomes straight for good, though the new growth near the roots will be of the same consistency as the person’s normal hair. To keep the hair looking consistently straight, the treatment has to be repeated two to three times a year for the new growth. There is not much difference in the cost as both have their own complications.

Chinese hair straightening made by Olayer China hair straightener company is a great option for styling but it’s not for everyone. Those who are thinking about trying it out must weigh several factors in order to determine the right course of action. One consideration is flexibility. Women who are fond of changing their hairstyle frequently may have issues with this treatment as it bars curling as a future option due to probable damage. Consult an experienced stylist who can provide advice on the suitability of the hair for this method. The usual suggestion is to avoid straightening if the hair has undergone coloring, bleaching, and other intensive chemical treatments as the hair may not have had the chance to recover fully from these procedures. Ignoring this warning could cause hair breakage. The scalp may even be irritated to the extent that there is massive hair loss. Therefore, a strand test should be conducted in case of any doubts, just to see how it will react to the chemicals. Find a salon which is willing to provide this as a precautionary measure.

Another factor to consider is hair type. African hair is not a good match for this treatment because it is too delicate for the strong chemicals. The heat that will be applied for a long period also tends to do more harm than good to this kind of hair. African hair is much better off with hair relaxing which is gentler on the locks.

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