Die Casting Mold Design

Die Casting Mold Design – Die Casting Engineering

It is the most common and frequent application of Mold designing process. Die-Casting molds are produced at high production rates in Mold making Industry. Because most die-casting molds are made of non-ferrous (alloys not composed of Iron) alloys, there is a boom in the industry about such type of Mold production. Other type of die-casting molds are made of cast iron and steel.

Die Casting Solutions

  • Metal molds are coated with a mold surface coating before metal injection
  • Preheating of mold is done
  • Shot-chamber design
  • Analysis of casting defects
  • Pattern, Core, Metal Pouring, Melting, Gating & Riser design, Cleaning & Finishing

    Die Casting mold design
    Die Casting mold design


  • Casting Alloys and Process Selector (CAPS) is an excellent tool to help select your casting process
  • Casting design analysis and defects prediction
  • Casting cost estimation
  • Excellent mechanical properties and Surface Finish
  • Very high Dimensional tolerances
  • Superior mechanical properties
  • Solidification rate in various sections can be controlled


It is the most used molding process in the manufacturing industry. Some of the too many applications that exist have been listed, just to help you recollect

  • Permanent Mold casting
  • Gravity Die casting
  • Low pressure/Vacuum Permanent Mold casting
  • Plastic injection molds
  • Automobile industry
  • Mechanical parts, if casted, are invariably die-casted

Our Advantages 

  • Least turn-around time, Low costs, High Quality due to International Design standards, Excellent Design Team, High Experience and Super-fast processing of queries.

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