ionic lightweight powerful hairdryer

Olayer is the professional lightweight powerful hair dryer manufacturer in China, mainly offer an ionic lightweight powerful hairdryer, brush hair dryer, automatic ceramic curling iron, air hair straightener, etc. if you are looking for lightweight powerful hair dryer, you are welcome to contact us.

here are all kinds of professional lightweight powerful hair dryer brands that you can buy for home use. Thanks to stores like Sally Beauty Supply and the Internet, shoppers can access brands that were once only available to professional hair stylists. A good blow dryer is essential to a finished style. You may have heard that heat styling is bad for your hair. While too much heat can be damaging, the professional grade dryers on the market have features that prevent damage and even improve your hair’s condition.

With a little comparison shopping you will come across many different professional brands like Chi, Sedu, TurboIon and Babyliss. One thing you may notice is the price of these dryers. They range on the high side and some are as much as $300 or more. However if you want a dryer that lasts a long time, is made for professional and personal use, comes with warranty protection and features the latest technology you may find yourself paying a pretty penny. There are comparable dryers from low priced brands like Revlon and Conair if you want something more affordable. These dryers improve the look and feel of your tresses thanks to innovations like tourmaline and ceramic. Tourmaline is a gemstone that is used to make jewelry because of its sparkling and colorful beauty. However it also is used in hair dryers because of its negative ion properties. When tourmaline is crushed and added as part of a dryer’s heating element, the result is negative ions that dry your hair more quickly and lock in moisture for a sleek and smooth appearance. Most dryers used in salons have ionic technology because it is more efficient and gives better results.

One thing you should know when using lightweight professional hair dryer brands or consumer brands is that the right styling products are important. Always use a protective product before blow drying or heat styling. There are clear serums, sprays and creams that impart protection against heat and add moisture. You may also want to apply your favorite mousse or gel for definition and hold. A light mist of hair spray will hold your dried and styled tresses. There are salon name styling products that you can use in conjunction with your heat styling tools. However, drugstore brand stylers used with professional blow dryers are fine to use if they are right for your hair type.


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