Plastic Blow Mold Design

Plastic Blow Mold Design – Blow Mold Products

Plastic Blow molding is the process of forcing plastics into a cavity or mold, by means of heat and pressure, to create a component that fits a precise, pre-decided size and shape. Mold Design Outsourcing give you the capability to mold the desired component in almost every commercially available resin, both engineering and commodity grades. It is the USP of our designs to produce high quality, precision plastic components to the industry.

Service we offer

  • Complete Part Design Services
  • Mold Flow Analysis
  • Consulting and Support Services
  • Simulation of Design to Predict Performance

    Blow mold design
    Blow mold design

Simple Steps to Your Solutions

  • Accepting basic production molding projects
  • Accepting troubleshooting projects aiming correction of design flaws and problems in plastic mold builds
  • Working closely with customers to generate innovative steps of attaining dimensional precision and part weight reduction


  • Our team gives importance to the customer inputs to meet their requirements efficiently – from functionality to aesthetics and from cost to performance. In designing your molds, our design team members follow your details closely and ensure that there is no gap in communication.
  • We are aware that injection molding is an expensive process requiring the use of expensive equipment, and involving high operating costs and high precision products. We ensure that our products have thin walls of uniform thickness to ensure better cooling and lower costs, as a result of using less material.

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