Plastic Wall Molding

A very interesting application of Plastic molding technology, it comes out of the workshop and finds its place right on the walls of homes, offices, conference rooms and hotels. Plastic Wall Molding has a huge market in Interior Decoration and it reaches the customers more as a work of art than Engineering.

Mold Design Outsourcing understands this basic Marketing truth and focuses its efforts on innovation, detail and precision to design aesthetically sellable and technically sound designs for its Wall Molding services.

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Plastic Wall Molding
Plastic Wall Molding


  • Heavy Wall Molding
  • Interior Decoration
  • Lampshades

Design Specifications

  • No External Voids
  • Made of 2″ wall thickness and weighing over 25 pounds
  • This area requires special mold design and expertise to insure the accuracy of the final product
  • Aesthetic appeal

Benefits from us:

  • Special molding techniques allow us to design parts that are free of internal voids and have close tolerance dimensions machined after molding.
  • Our years of experience in this unique area has allowed us to become experts in compensating for post mold shrinkage and the construction of molds that produce accurate large parts.
  • Additional specialty services include insert molding, over molding, and two material molding.

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