Injection Mold Design

Injection Mold Design – Injectioin Molding

Injection mold design
Injection mold design

When you aim an efficient production output, your first preferences are accurate part design, effective mold design, and efficient mold making. The expert Design Team at Mold Design Outsourcing works upon your specified products or machinery with a single aim of matching your demands. We stick to the basics of Plastic injection molding and incorporate the latest available production technology in the Product Development phase.

All we do is to work with a sketch whether on paper or the drawing of an existing part by identifying areas of improvement. You are most benefitted when your design ensures – part weight reduction, accuracy, no quality defects, cycle time reduction, and robustness.

We know that our clients look for a product, process, equipment and material handling system of high endurance and durability to maximize profit and minimize losses!

Our Specialisations

  • Minimizing cost of equipment, process and product
  • Ensuring high quality of Mold design, Precision die
  • Effective Production cycle, Complex mold cavity and shape design
  • Control of melt temperature and viscosity
  • Injection flow simulation
  • Mold flow analysis

Most basic features of your mold design we never miss, and so don’t You-

  • Sufficient Draft, Fillet and Tolerances
  • Consideration of appropriate Wall Thickness
  • Appropriate Radii selection in Corners and Edges to eliminate stress-concentration

    Plastic Mold Making
    Plastic Mold Making
  • Rib dimensions
  • Weld Lines
  • Surface Finish
  • Gate and Runner dimensions and Flow facility
  • Parting line and Ejection
  • Appearance parts
  • Gussets
  • Holes and Depressions
  • Bosses

These features are most important for the operation and ergonomics of every mold, irrespective of its design-complexity.

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