Moldflow Analysis Services

Moldflow Analysis Services – Moldflow Engineering

At Mold Design Outsourcing, we provide high quality and precision mold flow analysis services, moldflow engineering services, autodesk moldflow analysis, Warp Analysis, Cooling Analysis, 3D Analysis in order to avoid high costs and time delays associated with design and development of complex plastic products or parts.

We have expert team of mold design engineers that can simulate and analyze the molding process to optimize thse variable in the products. So that our services, contributes in a major way towards saving time and cost and to produce high quality plastics parts in the most optimum manner.

We offer A full Service of Moldflow Analysis Which including

  • Filling analysis
  • Cooling analysis
  • Warpage and shrinkage analysis
  • Injection Molding, Gas Injection Molding, Blow Molding, etc.
  • Predict and solve injection molding manufacturing problems
  • Quickly check the manufacturability of plastic part design
  • Optimization heat extraction.
  • Polymer selection – evaluation of alternate polymers.
  • Trouble shooting of problems in existing molds.
  • Optimization of part and mold designs and recommendations for improvement.
  • Optimization of feed system – balancing of flow.
  • Optimization of molding process – selection of optimum process parameters.

Moldflow is an important aspect of any injection molding design project. We provide mold flow analysis services to prevent mold flow related problems, improve operations, exceed quality, add value, save cost and or timing using latest technological advances, innovations, and engineering to lead in productivity, profitability and continuous growth of business.

At Mold Design Outsourcing, we provide quality mold flow analysis services to eliminate problems before they occur and save cost and timing to increase your profits & quality. MoldFlow allows Rapidwerks to offer a complete solution tool design, tool fabrication, part simulation which improves part quality and improves the manufacturability of a new design.

Warp analysis shows the deflections of the product post ejection due to polymer shrinkage, orientation, cooling differential and corner effects. Cooling analysis is used to evaluate and optimize cooling lane design. Full 3D analysis is used for products with thick sections or large variations in wall section.

Our Mold Flow analysis is planned to decrease design and production errors through in-depth CAE mold flow analysis which gives important data to guarantee consistent product specifications, long lasting molds & tooling, and the highest possible product quality.

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