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Injection Mold Design, Plastic Blow Molding, 3D Mold Design and other Custom Mold Design Services at cost effective rates…

Mold Design Outsourcing offers innovative design solutions for challenges related to mold design and manufacturing. We are committed to offer custom mold design services adhering to highest industry standards.

Mold Design Outsourcing uses the latest version of Solidworks software to ensure both functionality and aesthetics of the mold design.

All Services

We offer the following mold design services:

  • Mold design, drafting and consulting
  • Product modelling from data or drawing
  • Complete part design services
  • Injection mold design services
  • Molded product evaluation and revision


High Quality Custom Mold Design: Our team of experts uses the latest technology to develop accurate paperless mold designs of all shapes and sizes.

Reduction in Production Costs and increased manufacturability: Our mold design services help in removing traditional unproductive steps and thus reduce unnecessary production costs and increase manufacturability.

Shorten Tool Design Lead Time: Using sophisticated mold design, we help in providing suggestions for the design, dimensions, and material to be used for the product quite early in the designing process. This helps in shortening the overall tool design lead time. Moreover, our professionals can work round the clock to meet special deadlines and deliver the results in stipulated time.

Cost-effective, Accurate and On-time Design: When companies outsource their mold designing services to us, they get more time to concentrate on their core expertise and take in additional profitable businesses. We work closely with the customer’s in-house team of engineers to provide them with accurate and on-time design.

As we are aware that the injection mold design is a costly process, we take special precautions during the designing process and provide injection mold design services that would prevent any kind of flaws to occur during the molding process. Thus, we ensure our clients with the best mold design services and results that suits their needs and fits their budget.

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