Injection Moulding Service


For the customer new to injection moulding, we offer complete concept-to-finished-part customer service. Bring us a sample, prototype or mock-up; a drawing, a concept; a completely finished part design or finished mold drawing: Cascade Plastics will provide the expertise you need to develop the molds for your product.

  1. If injection molding is not viable or economical for your project, we will tell you.
  2. We will verify that the mold design is appropriate for the anticipated volume, materials and variables anticipated.
  3. We will assist you in finding the right materials, colorants, fillers or foaming agents.
  4. We will produce the samples for your testing and evaluation.

For the customer experienced in plastics processing, Cascade Plastics will apply its expertise to review your design to identify any potential benefits or cost savings.


Often, existing molds or materials need modification to meet new design or production requirements.

  1. We will sample new, more competitive materials and colorants, including reinforced specialty molding materials.
  2. Our in-house tool room can modify your existing mold at minimum of cost and down time.
  3. As your volume grows, Cascade Plastics has the large capacity machines, plus bulk material storage, to run multi-cavity, high-volume molds. We will work with you to complete a cost/benefit analysis, then design and build the molds to maximize the return on your investment.


We work with existing & prospective customers in several ways:

  1. We put our purchasing power to work for you, finding the best prices for your molding materials, including truck load bulk storage purchases.
  2. We identify and sample alternative materials for your inspection and evaluation.
  3. Our process controls and operating efficiency assure you receive the most competitive plastic processing in the industry.
  4. Our electricity costs are among the lowest in the U.S.
  5. For high volume customers, our bulk storage and vacuum delivery systems are real cost savers.
  6. Our 24/5 operations permit us to offer customers additional scheduling options, just-in-time delivery, speedy reaction and price competitiveness.


Sincere Tech Plastics maintains 25 injection moulding machines and a plastic mold company on line at all times, with oil or water heated thermalators providing process stability. We have color blending equipment for dry and liquid concentrates on site; our dryers can handle any volume or type of material. Having all that support equipment under one roof adds efficiencies and consistency to the injection molding process gives you stable, competitive pricing.

Our equipment features hydraulic, core pull, air blast or air eject part removal and special screws for faster cycling.

Our well maintained computer process controlled machines assure you the highest part-to-part consistency. Our machines have capacities to accommodate a variety of clamp pressures and shot sizes, giving us the opportunity to operate your mold in an optimally sized machine, creating ideal molding conditions for plastic material processing and lowering the cost per part.


We provide a variety of services ranging from part assembly, to post forming operations, to packaging of your finished product. By performing secondary operations at ST Plastics, we minimize your handling, transportation and floor space costs. Whenever possible, functions are handled by the machine operator in-cycle at no extra cost to our customers. We can send you completely assembled, labeled and packaged parts ready for shipment. In other cases, bulk packaged parts may be your lowest cost option.

Other ST Plastics services include injection moulding, ultrasonic welding, inserting, mechanical fastening, hot foil stamping and hinge post forming. Our role at ST Plastics is providing production solutions to all your thermoforming needs.

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