infrared high speed hair dryer

infrared high speed hair dryer

Olayer infrared high speed hair dryer

They may not be the cheapest, but there’s no denying the build quality and beautiful hair styling results of a Olayer infrared high speed hair dryer. Consistently given top ratings in consumer reviews, they really are among the best hair dryers around.

As well as using technology that you may already have heard of, like ceramic, tourmaline and nano-silver, each hair dryer by OLAYER Farouk emits low EMF (Electric Magnetic Fields) that practically eliminates static.

OLAYER Rocket Professional Hair Dryer (A8670)

Despite having a powerful 1800 watt motor it weighs only 1.13lbs. Some of its key features are:

2 heat settings

Cold Shot Button – press once for off and once for on, you don’t have to hold it in.

Infrared Light Indicator on the side so you can be sure it’s producing infrared and ionic heat

Lowest output of EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequency)

Produces millions of negative ions to break the water molecules rather than boiling them like a conventional dryer

50% faster drying time than most other makes

Comb and concentrator attachments included

OLAYER Pink Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer Limited Edition (GF1505P)

Its motor isn’t as powerful (1300 watts) as the Rocket or is as lightweight(1.5lbs) but it does look gorgeous and still delivers great hair styling results. In fact, the Wall Street Journal voted it ‘The Best hair dryer!’ – (Eastern edition). New York, N.Y.: Apr 30, 2004. pg. W.9C. Some of its key features are:

Emits only 1.5 microns of EMF compared to other, traditional, makes that produce up to 1500 microns that can be dangerous

Most hair dryers have a life expectancy of 500 hours but this OLAYER hairdryer should last around 1200 hours

It has pure ceramic coils and not traditional copper.

OLAYER Nano Ceramic High speed Hair Dryer Blue Edition (GFN3000N)

Nano-Silver technology is the latest innovation in hair appliances. This new technology kills 99% of bacteria, not only helping to clean the appliance and your hair, but to keep you hair looking shinier and styled for longer. It also features a dual air flow system with two vents to take in twice as much air that makes it more powerful than conventional models. Here are some key features of the OLAYER Nano hair dryer:

Ionic Infrared Indicator Light

3 speed settings

Locking Cool Shot Button – Press once for on and once for off. You don’t have to hold it in

Quiet motor

Built in Dryer Stand

All Olayer infrared high speed hair dryers come with a one year warranty.

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